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You Need An Angle

Would you buy from a company whose tagline is, “We do stuff for anyone?

Of course not. Such a company has no focus. No differentiation. No clear offering. No angle.

But that’s the impression I’m left with when I visit many websites, or hear sales pitches. In my focus area of life sciences training, many of the value propositions that I hear boil down to, basically, “we provide training solutions.”

That’s the quickest route to being a forgettable commodity. We provide training ‘solutions’ (whatever those are) just like everyone else.

No angle.

In consulting with many of my training vendor/partners on their brand messaging, here are some of the angles we’ve come up with over the years in order to differentiate, and provide grounds for intelligent referrals:

Here is what I have found over 30 years in business: every company does one, two, or maybe three things well. But in order to stand out in a crowded and noisy marketplace, you have to define your sweet spot – your angle – that is going to pique interest and get you in the door. Otherwise, you’re just one more provider of training solutions.

Just like everyone else.

Don’t be just like everyone else. Your customers need your particular offerings. Your specific (not generic) value-add. Using words that work.

That’s how you get new sales, and targeted referrals.



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