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Your GPS Only Works IF…

…you give it a destination.

I was out of state going to an unfamiliar town last week, and if I was going to arrive in time, I sure didn’t want to drive in scattered directions taking random turns.

But if my GPS was just chattering on about the next road to take, without any clear goal in mind, I’m sure I would have ended up somewhere I didn’t want to be.

Ever feel like your work environment was not real clear? Setting (and articulating) a purpose and direction is not so easy sometimes.

Effective leadership requires practicing clarity. Especially if you hope to achieve team alignment.

It’s true of individual career decisions as well. And company brand. And departmental function. Without a clearly defined goal and direction, we’re left wandering and wondering.

We need a well-defined purpose, a specific direction, and a clear message to explain our value.

Recently, I helped a training organization develop a clear, jargon-free expression of their purpose and value to the larger organization. Not only does this create internal vision and alignment within the training team, it explains the departmental mission to other collaborative stakeholders.

A clear statement of value and purpose unambiguously sets the direction and creates the mandate. Do you have one?

Take a group of 15 team members and ask for a clear purpose and value statement, and I guarantee you’ll get 15 vague answers that would never set a GPS-fueled destination. Not because of a lack of motivation or sincerity, but simply due a lack of clarity. Clear words possess immense power.

As the old saying goes, “aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time.”

If you are a team leader, in less than a day, I can fix this with you. Our facilitated clarity sessions create a unified vision and informed buy-in.

There are a lot of turns ahead. Let’s get your destination set first.

Steve Woodruff conducts personal and team clarity sessions, and facilitates virtual and live workshops for learning how to apply the Clarity Formula to your professional life. He is the author of the book Clarity Wins. Contact Steve here.

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